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What they say...
What do you like about being part of Shepway Brass Academy?


"Everything - especially Paul (Driscoll)!"


"It helps me make friends."


"I am also learning to play guitar, but playing cornet with the band has become special. There's a real tingle at the back of the neck as I hear the rest of the band playing around me - you just don't get that when playing on your own."


"I enjoy brass because it helps me learn more faster because it's easier to tell whether it's right or wrong."


"I get essential practice that I don't usually bother to do at home. It's also helped me to practice high notes and breathing awkward high notes."


"It's fun! I love playing music, and collaborating with other kids my age."


"I enjoy playing a different instrument to the one I play already."


"It gives me the opportunity to play in a group and be involved in concerts and performances."


"I just enjoy playing the cornet. I have learned so much here."


"I like learning new things and having amazing coaches that aid us in our progress."


"I've made friends and playing in a group helps me with my confidence."


"I learn fun high notes and it helps me to be more resistant to my asthma."

And what has your child gained by being part of SBA?

"It's great to see my boys working together, helping each other to read the music and learn the new pieces. They have lots of fun on a Saturday morning being part of something. We love listening to them practice at home and improve weekly."


"Our children have gained a better appreciation of music and learned a new skill. It is also improving their confidence in front of others."


"Joining the band has not only accelerated his interest in the cornet and music generally, but also made him more confident. He really looks forward to Saturday band practice - stupendous value "


"Enjoyment of music, understanding how music is made (composition) working as a team, pride at being able to do something special."


"Confidence, friendships, a talent and how to read music. It builds up his confidence, social interaction of playing in a group, the experience of playing a different instrument. It's his down time."


"My daughter has gained in confidence, working alongside new friends. This is her first instrument and it's great she has learned to read notes."


"I like my son coming every Saturday because it helps him to work with a group."


"Pride in what she does, a sense of achievement, new friends, working as a team to make a great sound."


"Increased confidence from mixing with other like-minded children."

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